Oval miniature memorial photo plaque Horizontal Personalized

Quantity Price
4 20,00 €
5 25,00 €
6 28,00 €
7 32,00 €
8 35,00 €
9 38,00 €
10 40,00 €

The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 4.

Mini medallions, to decorate: phone, car, bag, diary, vase, urn, wallet, check holder, boxes, glasses case, fridge, bicycle, motorbike, computer,
Strong sticker on any smooth surface
High technological quality resin.
Waterproof, anti U.V.
Oval shape, 3.5 cm
Decreasing price: up to 20% reduction for a batch of 10.
Quantity to choose when customizing.

Mini adhesive photo memorial photo plaque in high quality resin.
Oval Horizontal Shape, 3.5 cm.

Think of your loved ones wherever you want, thanks to these little medallions.

To personalize with a photo from your computer, your phone, or your photo album.

To also think of our faithful animals: dogs, cats and others.

Our miniatures are sold in sets of 4,5,6,7 and more The price decreases according to the quantity, up to 20% reduction. Quantity option to choose during personalization.

If you want a personalized creation, other quantities ... Do not hesitate to contact Gilles on 06 11 73 56 50 or by email at giless42@hotmail.com