Rectangle Memorial Photo Plaques

Rectangle Resin Memorial Photo Plaques

The Rectangle Resin Memorial Photo plaque is a bit like a painting, especially in large dimensions (7.9" x 11.8" ) and it represents one of the most beautiful photographic commemorations in our cemeteries.

The ideal, for a beautiful representation is to use a picture cut on a background of your choice : sky, forest, flowers, mountains, etc ...
ou can also put two pictures, and add many floral, symbolic or other decorations (animals, religion, symbol, decorations, etc., see "customized your product" on the site).
In addition, you can either add a text of one or more lines, write only a poem, or a text of your choice, without a photo, if you wish.
For text, if you want, you can choose the font that suits you, as well as its size and color.

Our products have equal quality as the expensive ceramic or porcelain pictures usually proposed by funeral home thanks to an excellent quality : exceptional color rendering, duration in time (guarantee 25 years), thanks to the technological progress made to our achievements, but for a cheap cost.

The laying can be horizontal or vertical, as desired.
Depending on the space and the budget you have, you can opt for 6 dimensions : 2.75x4.5",  3.5x5.9, 4.33x7", 5.1x8.4", 5.9x9.8" and 7.9x11.8" , horizontaly or verticaly.
However we can realize all dimensions that you would need, on request.
Price starting from € 29 to € 99, ​​all inclusive : text, background, borders. No surprises.

The resin (two-component) cast on your photo will bring you a high optical quality, with a relief effect, and a glazed effect.
Our value for money makes our rectangular photos the cheapest on market, but we have conciled "cheap" and quality in order to satisfy the majority of customers who have to deal with high funeral cost from Funeral Homes.

As you can see in our videos, our products are simple, solid, attractive, high standard and very easy to install, without any tools, and cheap.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we are at your disposal.

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