From your photos, we create, in high quality resin, the memorial personalized photo plaque of your choice, with an unbeatable value for money

Oval Memorial Photo Plaques

Nos Medaillons Ovales Funeraires Photo

Hearts Memorial Photo Plaques

Medaillons Coeurs Funeraires Photo

Round Memorial Photo Plaques

Medaillons Funeraires Photo Rond

Rectangular Memorial Photo Plaques

Medaillons Rectangles Funeraires Photo

Square Memorial Photo Plaques

Medaillons Carres Funeraires Photo

The Plates Memorial Photos Plaque

Plaques Livrets Funeraire Photo

Cut your photo
10 Euros


Thanks to our customization tool accessible by the button "Customize your product!" in each product, you can create your memorial photo plaque in a very simple way:
- Load your photo and position it as you want.
- Choose your border, color, background or decoration as you wish.
- You can also add a text.
Once finished, you can order your medallion which will be identical to what you will have realized in the tool


25 years Warranty

The memorial photo plaque made from your personal photo depend, first of all, on the quality of the photo you provide us.

The colors of the memorial photo are perfectly preserved. After printing, we realize the casting of a transparent two-component polyurethane resin of 2mm.

This resin provides a relief effect, and makes the photo of your memorial photo-resin tile unalterable and absolutely unbreakable (unlike materials such as porcelain or ceramics). You will feel that your photo is under glass.

Weather resistant (from -40° to +50°C), resistant to UV, abrasion, tags, and washable with powerful detergents, such as acetone


Lay is very easy.
Smooth, your customizable memorial photo plaque conforms to slightly curved surfaces, if necessary.
Whether on a tombstone, headstone, a funerary urn, granit, ceramic, porcelain or marble book.
Your funeral photo will be delivered to you on an adhesive support. No fixation. No tools.
You place it on the desired place (stele, book, medallion, marble, granite, porcelain or ceramic). It's fixed.

Can be fixed horizontally or vertically.

F.A.Q :

*Can you imitate porcelain or ceramic memorial photo tiles?
YES, you just have to choose the white color, for the contours, or for the bottom of your medallion, you will have a porcelain effect.

*Are your resin memorial photo tiles resistant in time?
Yes, thanks to technological advances in transparent resins.
We apply a two-component resin casting, which makes your memorial photo tile very durable over time. This resin, once dry, is of formidable strength. So your funeral picture will withstand the ultra-violet, frost, rain, hail, weather, tags, and of course the dust that you will have to disappear with a damp cloth (with soap or detergent if necessary)

*How do you send our memorial resin photo tiles?
Your photo-resin plaque will be mailed, in a bubble envelope, by international tracked mail.

Any doubts, any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on (+33) 6 11 73 56 50