*Are your funeral photos medallions resistant over time?
Yes, thanks to technological advances in transparent resins.
We apply a polyurethane bi-component resin, which makes your funeral medallion very durable over time.
Polyurethane resin is used in industry to protect against corrosion, abrasion and erosion of many types of equipment (aircraft wings, trains, automobiles, wind turbine blades, etc.). Your funeral medallion will withstand UV, frost, rain, hail, weather, tags, and of course dust that you will have to remove with a simple damp cloth.

*What does the 25-year guarantee cover?
In case of an anticipated deterioration during this period, we will replace your funeral medallion, upon receipt of the defective medallion.
Postal charges for the return would be at our expense, you would have absolutely no cost.

*How do you send us our funeral photo medallion?
Your resin memorial photo tile is mailed, in a padded envelope, by international tracked mail.

*Can I choose my text?
Yes, you can choose your text, as well as the size, the writing style, the color.
You can also make your medallion with poem, or personalized text in harmony with the personality of the defunct

*Can we write several lines?
Yes, easily, just let yourself be guided in the customization. You can call us any moment to help you.

*How do you change the background? ...... to put for example a sky, the sea, a forest or something else?
Changing the background is possible with the cut-out photos.
If you don't have a cut-out photo we make it for you by ordering the cut-out on the homepage.
The cut-out will be ready within 4 days maximum to give you the possibility to continue editing your medallion. Upload your cut-out photo into the customization tool and let you be guided.

*Are your resin memorial photo plaque as resistant as ceramic photo ?
YES, thanks to technological advances, the results obtained are impressive.
Porcelain memorial photo have been used for more than a century but technologies are changing, and resin brings now more advantages :
- unlike porcelain your smooth resin photo is unbreakable.
- it is installed without tools or screws.
-it is flexible, which allows you to put it on a slightly curved support (like urn)
- it allows you a very wide choice of material effect and colors, thus possibly imitating porcelain, or other materials such as marble, granite ... etc.

*Can I return the product if it doesnt suit me ?
No, we will reproduce exactly your photo as you realized it in our personalization section, and as it will appear in your basket.
You will not have any surprise at the reception.
if your locket had a manufacturing defect, you could, of course, return it to us at our expense, and we would resubmit it quickly and free of charge.

*Can you make animal photo plaque? .... with my missing pet ?
Of course, and with great pleasure.
Our friends are welcome, and we are fervent defenders of their living conditions.

*Can I clean my memorial photo tile?....with what ?
YES, you can clean your funeral medallion with the soap or detergent of your choice.
For dust, a cloth is enough.
In case of stains resistant (paintings, droppings, tags ... etc), do not hesitate to use acetone, as we show you in our video.

*Can you imitate porcelain or ceramic photo?
YES, for that you just have to choose the white color, for the contours, or for the bottom of your medallion, you will have a porcelain effect.

*Can you improve an old photo, for the realization of my memorial photo tile?
YES, everything is possible.
In this case, please send us your photo, by email or letter, and we will inform you at reception. Do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.

*What material can I glue my memorial photo on?
Almost all materials used in the funerary field: marble, granite, porcelain, stone, slate, glass, sandstone, etc..

If any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to help you.